Meet our founder; Tatiana Kovylina. Tatiana always had an eye for luxury fashion, having a cool ten years experience modelling high-end international brands. Her accolades include household names of Givenchy, Calvin Klein, Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren and Oscar De La Renta. When most of her down time was spent travelling and working out, Tatiana was disappointed with the lack of stylish activewear options available on the market. Constantly searching for high quality sports luxes garments, that were functional yet stylish, Tatiana recognised a gap in the market. Capital London was born.

Here’s what we learnt with ten minutes with the founder:


The idea to start the brand came from my love for yoga and fitness. As an active mum, sportswear is my everyday uniform and I found myself looking for an elegant high quality activewear that I could live in everyday. I wanted to be able to do the daily school run, take a yoga class and attend a coffee meeting without having to change. Finding something on the market that I could still look chic and feel comfortable in was non existent. Most of the things that were available on the market either felt rigid on the body and looked too technical or offered screaming bright prints.


The name appeared during a conversation with my dear art historian friend over a long summer lunch. She was currently researching the field of feminism and became absorbed by my idea of finding a name for the brand that embodied femininity, strength, sensuality and intuitiveness. She brought up a series called “Silueta” by a Cuban artist Ana Mendieta. Ana’s body art and performances were extraordinarily powerful and communicated a unique symbolism around women’s unity with nature and the power of the feminine. That’s where the inspiration around Capital was found and then not much later, Capital London was born.


Designed to enhance the contours of the female silhouette, every piece is named after a strong woman that I have been inspired by. All of the women are fearless, gracious and ambitious. From grandmothers to goddesses, each woman has personally influenced or inspired me, one way or another. They hold the strength to climb mountains and weather storms and hold a humble knowledge of their sky-high potential.