Here at Capital, we are committed to creating premium clothing that moves with you through all of life’s moments, both large and small. We want our pieces to be adored, inspire movement and stand the test of time. For we believe love, purpose and longevity support our mission to create sustainable luxury activewear.

We approach each of our business decisions with time and care, understanding the choices we make now, will impact future generations socially, economically and environmentally. For us, sustainability isn’t a single destination but rather a journey filled with many learnings, unexpected turns and triumphs to be earned. We’ll be honest, at times it can be an uphill battle. We challenge traditional industry practices that we believe are outdated and created for a time passed rather than our own and the one to come. We are here to make a difference but are aware that we can’t do this on our own. We need help from our supply chain to logistic partners and to you, our customers who encourage us each step of the way.